Cheruthen / Stingless Bee Honey / Dwarf Honey


Stingless Bee Honey is called MOTHER MEDICINE

Cheruthen Uses 

In terms of health

. Treating Diabetes                                                       . Cures Gout
. Cures Asthma                                                              . Cures Cold & Cough
. Cures Arthritis (Arthritis)                                         . Cures Stomach Pain
. Overcome Hepatitis                                                   . Copes with diarrhea
. Treat Bladder Infection                                             . Copes with Heart Disease
. Heal Ulcers                                                                    . Improve Blood Circulation
. Improve Health of Eye and Eye sight.                   . Blood Cleansing
. Overcoming Dental Pain                                          . Overcome High Blood Pressure

. Reduce Cholesterol                                                    . Overcome Low Blood Pressure
. Cures Cancer                                                                . Improve Body Immunity System
. Treat inflammation of the larynx (throat)          . Overcome Infertility
. Copes with Cold & Flu                                               . Treat Skin Infection.
. Cures Immunologists                                                . Stabilize Menstruation
. Overcome inflammation of the gums or mouth  .Cures Rheumatism 
. Increase Breast Milk Production                              . Improve Health of Unborn Child
. Heals wound in Stomach/ Uterus


In terms of fitness

. Overcome Sleep problems (Insomnia)                              . Increasing Appetite            . Overcome Obesity                                                                   . Overcome Fatigue
. Increase Stamina                                                                      . Improves Brain Function

•. Increase Men Sexual Stamina                                      . Facilitating The Birth Process

For beauty aspect:        for Women

•. Improves the menstrual cycle and restore menstrual
. Overcome difficulty to sleep at night
. Honey can be made facial mask to smooth and whiten skin
. Provides more energy
. Increase metabolism
. A “Super food” and the best “multivitamins”.
. Organic beauty products for interior and exterior


For beauty aspect:        for Men

•. Improves blood circulation throughout the body
. Provide quick energy
. Reduce fatigue and joint pain
. Improve Potency
. Sleep soundly at night
. “Super food” and “multivitamins” are not in the process and organic


How to Use ?

            Serve 1 spoon Harvest Cheruthen a day