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Cheruthen | Organic Stingless Bee Honey | Harvest Natural

Harvest Natural Cheruthen is organic without preservatives. Our Cheruthen collect from our own local small beehives.

Difficulty to reduce your BeerBelly?

Studies shown Cheruthen is the best one to reduce beer belly.

You can have a spoonful cheruthen with warm water daily, it reduces your obesity and also it enhances immunity. While comparing with big bee honey and small bee honey, Small bee honey or Cheruthen or Stingless Bee honey is twice as nutritious as Big Bee honey (normal honey).

Why to consume Cheruthen instead of normal bee honey ?

Cheruthen (Stingless Bee honey) is medicinial it collects nectar and pollen from small wild flowers it is difficult for the bigbees to get inside this small flowers. Normally cheruthen(Small bees) largely accumulate and feed on palm tree, tamarind, Jack fruit tree, banana, gauva, Teak flowers, our common herbal plants Thumba Poovu (White flower), Holy basil. As a result, the cheruthen contains minerals and vitamins, among which is Propolis, produced from the bee's saliva mixed with pollen, tree shots and flowers. The importance of Cheruthen is mentioned in Ayurvedic texts and medicinal journals. Many known health benefits of consuming cheruthen regularly


  • Improving Immunity

  • Reduce overweight

  • fighting against bacteria

  • prevents from cold and cough

  • Sore throat,

Many of us are not aware about the other health benefits such as

  • Improves the menstrual cycle and restore

  • Provides more energy

  • Increase metabolism

  • Improves blood circulation throughout the body

  • Provide quick energy

  • Reduce fatigue and joint pain

  • Improve Potency

  • Sleep soundly at night

  • Increase Breast Milk Production

  • Heals wound in Stomach/ Uterus

  • Cures Rheumatism

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