Harvest Natural Honey from Wild Forest

 " Honey the Precious Gift of Nature.

Only one healthy food that completely

dissolve in the Blood. "

Honey a good source of proteins and vitamins, flavonoids and amino fatty acids, cardiovascular health. Also, unlike sugar, honey helps soothe the digestive tract making the metabolism and digestion.


How to Use Honey for Good Health ?

Take 1 spoon of Harvest Natural Honey a day


Drinking Natural Honey and Lemon with warm water helps in detoxification of the body.It act as Liver tonic, Blood Purifier, Improves  Immunity , Burns belly fat and cholesterol which helps for weight loss.

Health Benefits of this LIQUID GOLD

  •  Antibacterial and Anti fungal Properties

  •  The Antioxidants in it Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

  •  Natural Energy Drink

  •  Honey Can Lower Triglycerides and Protect your Heart.

  •  Honey good to control Cholesterol,Diabetes

  •  Boosts Memory

  •  Honey Is Rich in Antioxidants called Phenolic

  •  Treats Wounds And Burns

  •  Helps for Digestive Issues

  •  Reducing the duration of diarrhea

  •  Good for Sore Throat, Allergies, Sleep Aid,           

  •  Cough Suppressant, Fighting infections

Range of Medicinal Uses...

  •  Obesity

  •  Jaundice

  •  Hangover Relief

  •  Bad breath

  •  Teething  pain, in children over a year old

  •  Cough and Asthma

  •  Hiccups

  •  Stomach Ulcers

  •  Eczema and Dermatitis

  •  Burns, Cuts, and Wounds

  •  Arthritis

  •  Stress

  •  Weakness

  •  Sleep disturbance

  •  Vision problems

  •  Diarrhea and Dysentery

  •  Vomiting

  •  Bed wetting and frequent urination

  •  High Blood Pressure


Protects Our Heart


Treats Infected Wounds, Burns


Quick relief from Diarrhoea

What People are Saying... Customer Reviews

Sonia ShankarDev

5 Product ratings

Happy to share my review about Harvest Natural Honey. Last month I have ordered 1/2 kg. When I received it was in liquid form and after few weeks it became crystallized. Many people think Crystallized honey is not good and adulterated because most of the honey brands in market avails as liquid form and retain as the same forever. But in my experience, Honey crystallization is a genuine property of pure natural honey. Below room temperature, honey crystallizes ONLY if its pure and natural. I just dip Crystallized honey in hot water for a while to get as liquid form. I loved Harvest Natural Honey of its purity.


5 Product ratings

Very nice product and good


5 Product ratings

My family regularly consume your honey product. Thank you for delivering natural and pure honey. After tried several brands, finally I got best pure honey.


5 Product ratings

I am using Harvest honey brand for last 6 Months ,feeling it's Pure ever used..
Sharing My experience by using premium Brands.
My kind Advice: Never go behind Cheaper honey giving offers and extra liquid......
Recently Most Leading Brands failed in adulteration advanced tests NMR & TMR in German Laboratory:Advanced Test (FAILED)
In this advanced test there are two types of testing is there.
1.NMR- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
2. TMR- Trace Marker for Rice Syrup.

Here China hand there to spoil our Indian health. China producing Rice+ Sugar syrup which can bipass the C3,C4 tests which is Indian CSE test. This test conducted by fssai.

But these people are cheaters to play with health of Indians who are loosing weight & who are looking for good health.

I have ordered Main brands before test happen and I won't order them later.